*All services within a 5 mile radius of my home

*A Meet-n-Greet must be scheduled prior to requesting any booking




  • Fresh food/water
  • Dog walking
  • Socialization 
  • Playtime
  • Treat or lunch

  • Brushing
  • Administering oral medications (if applicable)
  • Cuddles, belly rubs and lots of love
  • Photo texts or emails, either daily or occasionally, based on preference
  • Email update prior to departure, if applicable


In MY home per day: (Limited space available. You must provide food. Dogs have run of the house and yard. Can be crated at night or when left alone, if necessary. MUST get along with other dogs, be spayed or neutered, flea treated and have all required vaccinations.)

  • All small caged pets $10 per cage/per day
  • Caged pets accompanying a dog $5 per cage/per day
  • $30 per day for a small dog (under 30 pounds)
  • $35 per day for a medium dog (31-50 pounds)
  • $40 per day for a large dog (51-90 pounds)
  • $45 per day for an extra large dog (91+ pounds)


*If you'd like transportation drop off your dog and you live within 5 miles of my home, it is $10 per ride. 

*overnight surcharge of $10 per night.

*holiday surcharge of $15 per day.


Your dog(s) will enjoy exercise and individual attention (no group dog walks with other clients’ pets) while maintaining their normal routine in the comfort of their own home and environment. 

Each visit is tailored to your wants and your dog’s needs, including:

  • Walk
  • Playtime
  • Potty break
  • Fresh Water
  • Treat or lunch
  • Lots of TLC
  • Oral Medication (if applicable)
  • Picture text and/or email update

I can customize your visits to your specific needs.

  • Are you working on certain behaviors or using certain commands for better leash walking?
  • Given yours or your trainer’s instruction, I will happily reinforce this training.
  • Does your dog prefer indoor or backyard play time to a walk? I will make sure they have their potty time and then we will do our best to wear them out playing fetch or their favorite activity. Does your dog prefer to check pee-mail while taking a leisurely stroll? Not a problem!
  • Has your vet instructed you to do particular exercises to strengthen your dog’s hind legs? Let me know what specific exercises you are doing so that I can help out.

Rates: $25 up to 20 minutes; each additional pet is $3

*NOTE: holiday surcharge of $15 per day.


I'm comfortable taking care of dogs (max. 100 lbs.), cats, caged pets (no reptiles, please). 

  • $25 per visit (cat(s), caged pets, up to 2 dogs)
  • $30 per visit (3+ dogs)

*NOTE: holiday surcharge of $15 per day.


If you need to take your pet to the vet or to a grooming appointment, but can’t fit it in to your schedule, let me do it for you.

Rates: $25 per 30 min; $5 per each additional pet

* Additional charges apply 10+ miles 

*NOTE: holiday surcharge of $15 per day.

Dog Training

Every dog comes arrives with lessons. They are masterful teachers. We worry much about what we will teach them and not enough about what we can learn from them. Make very day with your dog an opportunity for a new lesson. A lesson in humility . . . a lesson in opening your heart in a way you did not know was possible. They have so much to say if we will only listen. And OH how they love! Nothing feels quite like the love of a dog. It’s a truly a gift!

*     *     *


Behavior evaluation, individual needs assessment, problem solving and private family coaching. Whatever your needs, we'll tailor a program to suit them.

*     *     *

In Home - Private Training

Some folks prefer individual attention. Maybe you have kids at home class times are too late? Maybe a group environment just isn't for you. We've got solutions with either in person at home consults or virtual consults via Zoom!

With time, patience and the proper approach, many common behavioral problems can be addressed and solved. Whatever the issue, we’ll work together to develop a plan for success. Many of today’s behavioral problems can be attributed to “miscommunications” between the dog and handler. Unfortunately, many of us are under the assumption that our dog’s will, “grow out of it,” and we wait too long to address the issues, thereby allowing them to be reinforced and practiced, which can sometimes make them much more difficult to solve. Behavior problems don’t go away on their own. Often, they either stay the same or get worse. If your dog is having a particular issue, we’ll evaluate the problem and develop and plan an guidelines to address it, together.

Some common behavior problems we can work on:


Excessive Chewing

Leash Walking 


Fear, Shyness and Anxiety Issues

Aggression and/or Reactivity Toward People

Aggression and/or Reactivity Towards Dogs

Pulling and Lunging


. . .  and more

Rates: $75 per hour based on individual need(s)

NOTE: I am in the process of obtaining my Dog Training Certification at CATCH Canine Trainers Academy 



Prior to any scheduled services, a "Meet & Greet"* to capture vital information that enables me to provide the highest quality of services. This intake process takes anywhere from 30-90 minutes, sometimes longer, and includes emergency contact(s), veterinarian release, pet care details (feeding and/or walking schedule, special needs, etc.), and home care instructions for overnight care. I also provide a current price list of services offered.

I require access to your home either with my own house key and/or the alarm combination, whichever is applicable; as well as a tour of your home to acclimate myself to where things are like food, collar(s), lead(s), in addition to any special instructions.

If you're interested in overnight services, I’ll need to know specifics regarding accommodations and any other pertinent details while I'm staying in your home while you are away (i.e., parking, fire extinguisher, any instructions regarding heating/cooling, etc.).

I require current vet records for your pet(s) to be emailed to me ahead of our

scheduled “Meet & Greet" and annually, thereafter.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me either by phone or email.

Thank you for your business!

*One-time initial "Meet & Greet": $25