Requirements for your pet staying in MY home:

  1. Dogs staying in my home must get along with other dogs VERY well. I will not keep an aggressive dog that may injure another dog for any reason. If you would like to have your dog stay with me, we will schedule a “Meet & Greet” and I will observe your dog’s social skills with my dogs and perhaps one of the dogs staying with me. If they do well, I can then book their stay with us.
  2. Dogs staying in my home must have yearly Rabies and Bordetella vaccines. I need a copy for their file and I need updated copies each year if they stay with us again. If you want to, you can have your vet email me at  [email protected].
  3. I will only keep Spayed and Neutered dogs in my home. The only exception will be puppies under the age of 6 months old.
  4. All visitors to my home MUST have an appointment. I will have the other dogs go into another room or outside a few minutes before your arrival. If the dogs are in the main part of the house and the front door is opened, someone may escape or they will all jump on the visitor. I do not wish to lose a dog or to have someone injured by the dogs. I WILL NOT open the door until the dogs are out of the main house. If I am not home, my housemate WILL NOT open the door for anyone they aren’t expecting. Please be on time. If you are running late or if you plan to be very early, CALL me so I can plan accordingly.  Please be considerate. 
  5. All dogs staying with me must have a collar or a harness with some sort of identification. This is a requirement from my insurance company.
  6. I must have a complete instructions with a veterinary release form signed. I need to be able to contact you in case of emergency, so please be sure my name and number are in cellphone. I also need permission to take your pet to your vet or the nearest vet office open (including an Emergency Room), if your pet becomes injured or needs medical attention. While this is rare, I prefer to have your wishes in writing so that if you are unreachable, I can make decisions that you approve of for your pet.
  7.  You must provide your pet’s food and necessary medications (oral and/or topical ONLY; I will not administer injections) with detailed instructions.
  8.  I will not keep dogs that cannot be alone. There are some families that have dogs that are never without human contact for a single minute. I must be able to run out to visit dogs in their own homes and do regular errands. I work long days. I must be able to run out briefly and trust that the dog can either be loose in the house or separated in a room or crate with no problem. I will not take a destructive dog into my home.


Requirements for Pet Care in YOUR home:

1. I will only travel a maximum of a 5 mile radius of my home in West Palm Beach (nearest to Wellington) off Jog Rd. & Cresthaven in the Pine Ridge North IV community.  Because I essentially do two businesses – one in my home (TEMPORIARLY SUSPENDED) and one away from home – I must be very structured and set limits. If you are outside of my area, I may be able to give you contact information for pet sitters close to you.

2. I must have instructions in writing for the care of your pet(s) with contact numbers so that I may call you in case of an emergency.

3. I must have the number of your veterinarian and a vet release form signed, giving me permission to seek care in case of an accident, illness or injury, any time your pet(s) is in my care.

4. If you have keys to your home (if applicable). If yes, I must have two sets of keys or one key and the number of a person with an extra key.   If you have an alarm system, I like to have my own code so that you can keep yours private and so that anyone else that may enter the home won’t have my code number.

5. I also need to know how many other people have the ability to enter your home while you’re away and if I should expect visitors and/or contracted services (i.e., lawn maintenance, deliveries (i.e., UPS, FedEx, etc.), house cleaners, etc.).

6. I need to know when you return home. If I do not hear from you, I will assume that you had car trouble, plane delays or there was miscommunication about the time of return and I will continue visiting your pets and bill you for the additional visits.

7. I cannot be held responsible for any damage a pet with anxiety may do while home alone. Pets that are destructive may harm themselves or damage your property if not kept in a safe space.

8. I need to arrange a "Meet & Greet" with both you and your pet(s) ahead of time prior to your departure so I have access to your home (i.e., keys, lock code, etc.) and instructions.

9.I can only do visits up to 3 times per day: Morning, early Afternoon and Evening. My first visit is around 7:00 A.M., my mid day visit is around 1:00 P.M. and my evening visit is around 7:00 P.M. (depending on the number of homes I have to visit, I can go a little earlier or a little later than these times). My home visits are approximately 20 minutes. I understand some families need different times or much longer visits. If you would like a recommendation for a sitter that can accommodate needs I can’t fulfill, I am happy to do so. Because I allow some pets to stay in my home, I don’t go out every hour of the day as some sitters do. There are a wide variety of wonderful sitters in our area, each having their unique way of doing things. We all love to match each family with the best sitter for them, so that the pets get the care needed and the owners can enjoy peace of mind while they travel.

My intention is to ensure that the pets get the care needed and you and/or your family can enjoy peace of mind while you're away from home. 


 I MUST have specific directions typed out and emailed to me before the first day of service wit h ALL instructions  clearly written regarding the administering of oral medications and/or supplements/vitamins. They MUST be provided to me in a weekly pill box with it clearly written A.M. and/or P.M. with your pet(s) name on it. And, enough supplies for the duration of either daycare or overnight service.

Also, there needs to be ample food for your pet(s) for the entire time of the booking and all food provided must be labeled with your pet(s) FULL name (i.e., Riley McLean).