as of January 2020

Requirements for cats to stay in MY home:

1. I permit ONE cat to stay in my home. If you would like to have your cat stay with me, we will schedule a “Meet & Greet” and I will observe your cat's social skills with my dog and he/she can stay with me. If they do well together, I can then book his/her stay with us.

2. I will only keep Spayed and Neutered cats in my home.

3. Your cat MUST be litter box trained and an indoor cat. I do not accept any indoor/outdoor cats for safety reasons.

4. I respectfully request that your cat have the appropriate vaccinations and be treated for pests (i.e., fleas & ticks) for the safety of both fury-friends. Any handler that brings an animal that stays with me that brings any unwanted critters with them, you will be charged for de-infestation of my home.

5. I must have a completely filled out instruction sheet with a vet release form signed. I need to be able to contact you in case of emergency. I also need permission to take your cat to your vet or the nearest vet office open, if your pet becomes injured or needs medical attention. While this is rare, I prefer to have your wishes in writing so that if you are unreachable, I can make decisions that you approve of for your pet.

5. You must provide your pet’s food and necessary medications (oral and/or topical ONLY; I will not administer injections) with detailed instructions.

NOTE: dogs, to come!